Pre-Anesthesia Checklist

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Pre-anesthesia (MRI & Surgery) Checklist


We continually strive to improve recovery from athletic injuries and shorten rehabilitation times without jeopardizing long-term athletic health of the horse. Low impact exercise (underwater treadmills and swimming pools) and high end treadmills that have the ability to modify daily exercise routines (speed and incline) can be very beneficial in recovery from orthopedic injuries, and for conditioning and cross training for the horse’s intended sport.


Pre-MRI & Surgery Checklist

  • Send records and any images (x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.) before bringing your horse to
  • Fill out our Online Consent Form or print a copy and bring it with you.
  • Please do not feed your horse for 12 hours prior to scheduled MRI time. Remember to take the hay out of the trailer.
  • Do not withhold water.

  • If your horse will have an MRI scan please have all 4 shoes removed in order to prevent interference with the MRI magnet. We can remove them at the clinic for a fee if your farrier cannot make it in time.
  • If your horse is on any medications, please let us know prior so that we can let you know if the medication should be given on the day of the MRI.
  • Please let us know what vaccines your horse has been given and the dates that they were administered. This will allow us to determine if we need to administer any vaccines.

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Please call the office at 623-581-5508 if you have any questions, need further assistance or have not received a conformation e-mail or phone call within 24 hours.

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