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Dr. Alexia McKnight

DVM, DACVR, McKnight Insight, LLC

Dr. Alexia McKnight (DVM, DACVR, McKnight Insight, LLC) graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 with a strong interest in pursuing veterinary MRI.

Following veterinary school, she finished a post-doctoral fellowship in the MRI Research Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. She completed a radiology residency at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, after which she accepted a faculty position as Assistant Professor of Radiology until 2006.

Currently, Dr. McKnight remains dedicated to her passion of veterinary MRI, and almost exclusively offers consultation and interpretation services for pioneering practices offering equine and small animal MRI.


Dr. Clair Thunes

PhD Nutrition, MS Animal Science

As an equine nutritionist Dr. Thunes has worked with a wide range of horses from lactating mares to competitive driving horses, and with a variety of physiological problems including insulin resistance and muscle myopathies, and is happy to work in conjunction with your veterinarian. Dr. Thunes believes in finding the right balance not only in the horse’s diet but also between the horse’s needs and the client’s resources. Equally able to work with the individual horse or an entire barn Dr. Thunes enjoys the challenges of each unique situation and working with owners to find the optimal solution. Dr. Thunes believes her clients should understand why various recommendations are being made and works hard to clearly explain her suggestions. Additionally Dr. Thunes shares her knowledge talking with local equestrian groups on a range of nutrition related topics.

Although not currently riding on a regular basis due to recently starting a family, Dr. Thunes is still active within her horse community working with local pony clubs and she hopes to get back in the saddle soon.

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