Cave Creek Equine Affiliates

Trevor Hirshberg


Trevor Hirshberg is a farrier with over 20 years of experience working in the greater Phoenix area. Trevor’s work includes all disciplines of performance horses as well as mounted police, trail, and pleasure horses. Trevor has a special interest in therapeutic and orthopedic work to help ameliorate lameness, injuries and natural deformities with orthopedic shoeing. Trevor currently teaches the farrier education portion of an equine science class at Scottsdale Community College. Trevor has been working with CCESIC for a number of years and has always made great efforts to be readily available for any shoeing needs at CCESIC, which has become a valuable service at the hospital.

Mark and Velvet Allen

Certified Equine Dentist

Mark Allen is a certified equine dentist. He graduated from the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry, and is certified with the IAED (International Association of Equine Dentistry). With over 10yrs of experience he is highly skilled in advanced equine dentistry including: extreme malocclusions (hook & wave complex, shear mouth, step mouth), correction of parrot mouths, and intra-oral molar extractions.

Mark and Velvet have a strong understanding of what it takes to keep a performance horse at their top level, and the family backyard horse healthy and happy. That is why they are very excited about their affiliation with Cave Creek Equine Surgical and Imaging Center.

Mark and his wife Velvet live in Kingman, AZ. Both have been in been in the horse industry for over 20yrs. They raise and train a few quarter horses a year. Mark enjoys starting young horses, putting a good foundation on them, and then passing them on to Velvet for her to finish. Their goal is to have good minded, solid horses that can go on to do any discipline. In their spare time Mark enjoys team roping when he can and Velvet likes to ride jumpers.