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Other Surgeries

Laser Surgery

Laser surgeries are commonly used in our practice for upper airways surgical procedures as well as for tumor removal.

Ocular Surgery

  • Squamous cell carcinomas and other tumors
  • Corneal lacerations
  • Eyelid lacerations

Skin Surgeries

  • Sarcoid removal
  • Melanoma removal
  • Skin lacerations

Reproductive Surgeries

  • Lacerations of the vulva and perineum

General Surgery

Horse often incur non-life threatening wounds and abscesses due to injury and trauma or internal infections (e.g. pigeon fever). Therefore wound repair, debridement and abscess lavage and debridement are a common type of surgical procedure.

Sinus Surgery

Horses frequently develop sinus infections due to dental problems that extend into the sinuses. Horses also commonly have sinus and upper respiratory problems due to the development of cysts, ethmoid hematomas, tumors and developmental diseases.

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