Cave Creek Equine Staff


Beth Mulcahy

Rehab Technician & Coordinator

Beth Mulcahy is the Equine Rehabilitation Manager at Cave Creek Equine and has worked at the clinic since the beginning of May, 2015. Her work includes swimming and treadmill of horses in the morning and working at the clinic in the afternoon as an assistant to the technicians and veterinarians. She has always been passionate about horses and has owned and competed with her own horses in Hunter Jumpers since the age of 10. Her professional career originally led her to human healthcare but her calling had always been horses and in 2015 she had the opportunity to work at CCE under new ownership and she is truly grateful for the opportunity of a new career involving her passion. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Her and her husband Neil live in Scottsdale and have have two horses (Hanlon and Jonesy), two dogs (Foxy and Molly), and two cats (Bentley and Sassy) which they spoil endlessly!


Stacy Bryant

Surgery Technician

Stacy joined Cave Creek Equine Surgical Center in 1999. As a veterinary technician, she enjoys working with the staff, doctors, clients and large variety of horses. The most fun part of her job is knowing how to use the state-of-the-art equipment at the clinic. Stacy is always seeking out learning opportunities, and strives to better herself at her job. She spends her free time bass fishing and tournament fishing on the local lakes. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys making people smile and laugh. Stacy would do anything to help people and animals (all the way down to the insects that she catches and releases!). She takes great pride in everything she does at CCESC, from cleaning, helping with appointments and doing bone scans, to assisting in surgery. She has two dogs: Triton a 5 year old Rottweiler, and Mayson a 6 year old Pit Bull.


Anica Reddick

Marketing Consultant

Anica Reddick is self professed horse enthusiast and a long-time member of the Arizona Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). She has owned and shown Quarter Horses for over 30 years and is currently showing in AQHA events. Anica also serves on the Board of Directors for the AQHA and also works in advertising for the Arizona Equine Resource Guide. Anica and her husband live in North Phoenix and have 7 horses and 3 dogs. Her background in retail management, marketing, and involvement in the horse community brings invaluable resource to Cave Creek Equine.


Tammy Zarbock

Anesthesia Technician

Tammy worked at Cave Creek Equine Surgical Center from 2000 to 2007 and re-joined the staff in January of 2011. Her favorite part of the job is performing anesthesia. She likes working with a wide variety of horses with different conditions, and seeing them return to performing. In her spare time she works with her father helping him manage Arizona MD Barn Company. She enjoys riding, traveling, scuba diving, going to movies, and spending time with her new dog ‘Butterbean’. She is most proud of getting her bachelors degree from ASU and the experiences she as had with horses in her life. She currently has 2 pets: ‘Magik’ her horse, and ‘Halle Berry Butterbean’ her English Bulldog.


Katie Smith

Anesthesia Technician

Katie is one of Cave Creek Equine’s veterinary technicians, and has worked at the clinic since September 2012. She enjoys helping to diagnose and treat horses with complex injuries using state of the art equipment and then see them recover. She has a passion for helping animals live better lives through responsible breeding and breakthrough veterinary care. In addition to almost being finished with her bachelors degree in pre-veterinary medicine, she has started a very successful side business breeding healthy Golden Retrievers (Arizona Golden Treasures). When Katie is not working, she is either studying for her degree, camping, riding her horse, competing in mounted shooting, playing with her dogs or concentrating on her breeding business. She has a quarter horse/thoroughbred named Idlin and three dogs: Missy, Abby and Shiloh.


Rudi Rojo

Equine Technician

Rudi came to Cave Creek Equine in March of 2013. Rudi does an amazing job of keeping the grounds and hospital in tip-top shape. Rudi also helps with the horses in the hospital and enjoys learning about them and the medical problems they have. When Rudi is not at work his passion is playing soccer and he greatly enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He has two dogs, Rambo a Rottweiler and Ojito a Chihuahua (Ojito means ‘little eyes’). His versatility has been a great addition to Cave Creek Equine.


John Mariano

Barn Staff

John, originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, joined the clinic in January 2016 to help with barn management and technician assistance. He graduated trade school for auto-mechanics and worked in carpentry and framed houses for the family business. John and his wife Alice moved to Arizona in 1992. They have 2 children, Jodi and John, and 3 grandchildren, Taylor, Brianna, Kylie. John and Alice also have 7 horses, 4 goats, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 birds, 2 miniature horses and 1 burro on their property, all of which are rescues.


Michelle Syekriyeru

Veterinary Technician

Michelle is originally from Washington state and first started riding horses at the age of 5 at her grandfather’s ranch. Her love of working with horses led her attended barrel race summer camps in grade school and also into her young adult life. Her greatest personal work as a horsewoman has been working with a three year old mustang mare named Rosalina. Michelle is close to completing her equestrian science degree and is expected to graduate in 2018. She works as a technician and also assistant as office assistant at Cave Creek Equine.


Courtney Francis

Veterinary Technician

Courtney is originally from Pennsylvania and joined Cave Creek Equine in January, 2018. She has worked with several Veterinarians in Arizona and is working to become an Equine Anesthesia Technician. On her personal time, Courtney is a licensed racehorse trainer and spends time working with horses at the racetrack. She also competes in barrel races. Courtney has 4 horses, 1 burro, and a blue heeled named Renegade.

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