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MRI at Cave Creek Equine

The science of equine MRI is growing rapidly, and knowing what to do with the information gained from an MRI study is the key to a sound horse. We have been performing MRI studies on horses since 2004, and have gained a large knowledge base.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an imaging modality that utilizes the magnetic forces within the patient’s cells to create an image. This allows both bone and soft tissue structures to be seen with excellent detail. Additionally, information on the underlying disease process can often be obtained from the MR image. No other diagnostic tool gives more detailed information regarding pathology in the anatomic structures involved. It eliminates questions and provides answers that no other diagnostic tool can provide. Learn more about veterinary MRI at the following sites (www.veterinary-imaging.com, www.esaote.com).

Superior Image Quality

A state-of-the-art open rotating magnet (Vet-MR Grande XL, Universal Medical Systems, Inc.) has been installed in a customized facility at Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center. The MRI images of this machine are of better image quality than those of the more conventional standing magnet systems. It also allows imaging of more proximal areas in the limb such as the stifle and carpus as well as the head and cranial portions of the neck, which are impossible to accommodate for standing magnet systems. Our rotating magnet allows for efficient imaging of orthopedic and soft tissue disorders not only in the horse but it is also designed to image dogs and cats. Our clinic does perform MRI imaging for small animals. All acquired MRI images for horses and small animals are submitted to board-certified radiologist for interpretation of the imaging results.

How Does It Work?

MRI utilizes a strong magnetic field to orient the atoms of the body. By changing this field temporarily, the atoms react and emit radio waves that are transformed by a computer to create the MRI image. No radiation is used and there are no known side-effects to the use of MRI.

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