Dr. F. Ross Rich


Background & Qualifications


Dr. Rich was born and raised in Arizona and competed successfully as a youth rider in the American Quarter Horse Association. He spent 7 years in the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets). After leaving the military, Dr. Rich did his undergraduate and graduate education at Duke University. He practiced human orthopedics and sports medicine as a Physician Assistant at Duke University Medical Center for 8 years in the 1980’s. Rekindling his interest in horses, Dr. Rich then completed his DVM degree at North Carolina State University in 1990. Following veterinary school, he completed a 4 year surgical internship and residency in Equine Surgery at New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Rich has been a practicing veterinary surgeon working exclusively with horses since 1990. He returned to Arizona in 1994 and worked as the hospital manager and surgeon at Southwest Equine Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ. In 2000, Dr. Rich opened the doors to Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Diagnostic Imaging Center in Cave Creek, AZ. He recently sold his AZ practice in 2015, and is now the owner/CEO of Regenerative Therapy Consulting in San Diego, CA; and he continues to practice veterinary medicine and surgery part-time in both California and at Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center in Arizona. Dr. Rich is an ISELP trained lameness and diagnostic imaging specialist, and a veterinary clinical expert in the treatment of orthopedic and respiratory injuries/diseases with Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells, IRAP, PRP).

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